Friday, August 16, 2013

A Rather Busy Week

I have been working so very, very much the last few weeks and will continue to for the next few before I settle in to being 'normal' again.  Not that there is ever a normal in my line of work, but one can hope. 

At a job fair the other day I got a call from someone I work with asking where oh where I was...I told him to go towards the chicken and turn left.  Because seriously, there was a chicken...a real, live chicken cluck, cluck, clucking around.  Not a normal sight in SoCal.


I love text messages like this.  Cooking makes me happy.


I drove an SUV full of boys to the beach yesterday and my plan was to go with them...but hunger won out over sand time and I hadn't packed anything to eat.  I dropped them off and grabbed a salad from Bristol Farms (a goat cheese ravioli salad, in case you were wondering...and it was the best thing ever, ever, ever) and then ran in to See's for a box.  Or two.

One for that guy that I like so much, who adores their dark chocolate truffles and one box for me.  On the way home with the now sandy boys in my car,  I caved and offered them a few...and now, well that guy that I like so much has a box and I need to go buy some more.

Worth it as my rating on the 'cool mom ' meter skyrocketed.

That guy that I like so much was out of town and somehow I ended up alone for supper...Brian had practice and Alex was out, so I had super nutritious piece of salami and a handful of chips.  And a beer.  Eaten in my pj's while attempting to watch the Real Housewives reunion show.

Why do they have to be so mean?  Why?  

In household news...we now have power in our whole house again, thanks to our rock star neighbor who somehow figured out our crazy electrical problem.  We now owe him a lamb...or at least the leg of one.


But then...because smooth sailing is not one of those things we are ever blessed with, our million dollar 4 year old microwave broke.  The microwave that we bought to match the million dollar stove when we remodeled.  When I got online to search for a fix, I was appalled at what I was reading.  I called a repairman and was told the fix was $700.  (Did you just laugh?  Me too.)  Our specific model was discontinued after a year because of a major flaw and while it should have been recalled, GE tried to sweep it under the rug.

I...well, I was mad.  During that period of madness I penned a letter to GE explaining my situation and what I had read online.  I may have even said something along the lines that I was ashamed of them.  I may have even talked about days long gone where things weren't built to be disposable and I may have even thrown in something about standing behind a name.

Within 24 hours I had a reply.

GE is my hero.  They did the right thing.  I'm sure it doesn't matter to them how I feel but I am proud of them and will, the next time I buy an appliance, give them my business.

I'm happy tomorrow is Friday...helloooo weekend!  There's a pedicure on the agenda and a long supper planned in the garden.  In between there is a freezer to defrost and chicken stock to be made and a work meeting from home and a lunch date with the cutest 14 year old around.

The last part is my favorite.


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