Thursday, February 28, 2013

Missing Him

I've reached that point tonight where I just need that guy that I like so much to come home from his trip...we're all hungry for some 'real' food and I am ready for some adult conversation, though we've talked on the phone for at least an hour every night.  Still, it's not the same and tonight (or this morning, as it's 3:15am and the cats woke me up and I can't for the life of me get back to sleep) I've reached the 'I need you back now' stage.

Plus, I'm hungry.  We''ve covered Chipotle, The Habit and various breakfast for dinner well as a night (or two, sigh) of a handful of crackers and a hunk 'o cheese.  It's been pathetic in the food department this time around.  

Oh well...the kitchen has remained clean.


Yesterday there was not only sunshine, but warmth.  The kind of warmth where every time I stepped outside, I couldn't help but turn my face towards the sun with closed eyes and let the rays soak on in.  It was absolutely, positively glorious and it made me happy all day long.

A visit to the post office, the pharmacy and the test only smog station were all accompanied by a little spring (no pun intended) in my, the smog place was clean and had a TV playing Dragnet on it.  I love that show.  They just don't make them like that anymore.

I came home and opened every window and door wide and let the fresh air pour on in.  All I could think about was purging...the kind of deep cleaning that only happens at this time of year.  I climbed in to the attic with the idea of conquering all the chaos and clutter that was up there and promptly came back downstairs as fast as I had gone up.

So. Much. Junk.

So. Overwhelming.

Out. Of. Sight. Really. Is Out. Of. Mind.

With the sunshine and warmth come days that are getting longer and yesterday I met my girlfriend for an afternoon hike.  It felt sooooo good to be with someone...I've been hiking alone and have covered just about every annoying conversation with myself that I can.  Talking with someone else is just way more...better.


The highlight of the week was my cousin Tim who sent loads of fun emails.  He did a search of my Dad's family and I just keep pouring over the pages of information that he found.  This whole world wide web is a rather amazing thing and I can't help but want more and more and more.  Not just the knowledge of more relatives, but of who they were.  And how they lived.  Was life good for them?  Were they happy?  Did they have a guy they like so much and a little house (he even included pictures of one of their cool is that???) and a houseful of chaos?   

I wish they had had a blog.  It would've made things easier for me.


Also this week...Brian, the bull dog's, basketball banquet.  It's almost worth listening to the video because the coach described Brian as...quiet.


If you know my boy in real life, well...there is one word I would NEVER use to describe him.  Quiet.  The boy goes to sleep talking and wakes up talking and talks all. day. long.  


            Brian's Basketball Award from Michele Busch on Vimeo.

And now, I'm going to try and get a few more winks of sleep before my day begins bright and early at 6:00am.  I'm kind of thinking of sneaking away to Disneyland for a little walk around the park...if I get most of my work done in the morning and can fit it in.  I do know that I am going to make supper...something real and homemade and warm and somewhat nutritious.  Not sure what yet...but at this very early hour I am leaning towards a big pot of gravy that I'll let bubble away on the stove for most of the afternoon.  

It'll cover the smelly shoe smell that seems to be lingering here.


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