Friday, February 22, 2013

Cramming It All In

I've got a houseful of company this Aunt and Cousin are visiting from the land of cold and snow and I am showing them around the land of sunny and fair.  They are loving my weather...I've been wearing gloves.


Here's the highlights, so far:

1.  The cousins, all together.  Tall...all of them tall.  And all of them male.  Big, tall, hungry, funny boys.

2. A day trip to Los Angeles.  The reason I go to LA?  A Pink's chili dog...with sauerkraut, please.  And the most incredible (not pictured) battered onion rings you'll ever find.  If you're a SoCal'er...the Buena Park Pink's isn't nearly as good.  Take the plunge and drive the extra 20 or so miles and keep in mind that all that traffic and waiting in line will be worth it.


3. Hollywood.  It was worth the drive by, though there's a small awards ceremony happening this weekend which means many a closed off street.  It was a pain, but kinda exciting at the same time.  

4. Paramount Studio's.  The tour was interesting, though slightly boring.  First off, the place was a ghost town.  Second,  while visiting the sets was kinda neat, I don't follow any of the shows...including Glee. Third, it was COLD.  And lastly, our tour guide spoke in a mono-toned voice and the only time her voice showed any inflection was when she took us into the room with the lightbulbs and duct tape and tried to sell us on the fact that we were in a top secret place.

Yawn.  A $50.00 yawn.

5. Randy's donuts.  It's an institution.  Plus, it smells good.  

6. Bonus...the guy in the parking lot fixed my dent for a cool $10.00.  It involved fire and a crow bar and a sledge hammer...but then again, what do you expect for $10?  

7. The Beachcomber for breakfast.  It was cold and drizzly and still so beautiful and cozy.  I just might need to take that guy that I like so much back there on a date morning.  Sooner, rather than later.

8. Because we hadn't eaten enough, Ruby's.  The one in my neighborhood.  Nothing beats a Ruby's black cherry vanilla shake.  The 3 1/2 mile walk later that night meant we were even calorie wise.  Maybe?


9. Balboa Island.  Twice, actually.  Might be three times because I am kicking myself for not buying the super cute maxi skirt in the store across from the frozen banana place.  Why do I always do that?  Maybe so I have an excuse to go back?


Let's see...what else?  Crabs from the Crab Cooker, a jewelry making session, a meatball making session,  Old Town Orange, a visit to the Pechanga casino and lots of shopping.  And lots of eating.  Today we're heading north for lunch with my nephew before heading south to the airport for drop off.  I can't even think about it yet because I don't want this week to end.

So I'm going to live in denial for now.


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  1. Sounds like you all had an amazing week! Maybe some year I will be able to come visit you and soak up the southern California sun and sights. In the meantime, I can enjoy them through your blog posts :)


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