Monday, April 16, 2012

A Weekend With My Boys

Breakfast with my oldest son, Matthew, at his soon to be alma mater.  Graduation is less than three weeks away...he'll move his earthly belongings home, graduate the next day and leave the day after for Europe for a month.  Home after that for a few days and then it's looking like his summer job will involve traveling the country doing something he loves...this time for money.  Once that ends, he'll be moving an hour away for grad school.  

I guess he's a grown-up now.

The baby...well, he's not so much a baby anymore.   Brian was confirmed on Sunday, which basically meant that we were at church more this weekend than we weren't.  He stood in front and answered his questions with his cute little head cocked to one side, as it always is.  He wanted absolutely no fanfare...just a pizza.  


This middle born, well, this picture captures his personality.  Alex returned from a trip down south for spring break, kissed his mama on the cheek, drank a gallon of milk and promptly fell asleep for 15 hours.  Want to witness someone living life to the fullest?  Follow him around for a day...and then either collapse in exhaustion or kneel down in prayer.  Both are acceptable.


The three of them?  A force to be reckoned with.  

Triple trouble.


And the pizza?  The 'as close to a Chicago pizza you can get on the West Coast' pizza?


Is it seriously Monday already?


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