Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chocolate Waffles for Breakfast

This morning seemed like a good morning to run out for donuts...I mean, it is Spring Break after all.  Problem was, I had no desire to get dressed, let alone shower.  Heck, I had no desire to move from the couch.

Problem two...boys who are spoiled and think that special breakfasts (donuts fall into the special breakfast category) magically appear during school vacations.

Be very, very careful of traditions you start when your littles are little because someday they will be big and will still expect them.

However, I secretly like that.


I googled 'chocolate waffles' and found this recipe for not just chocolate waffles but chocolate chocolate chip waffles and they were awesome...especially made into Mickey waffles on a 25 year old waffle maker.

Teen boys dig that.

The recipe made lots...perfect for my houseful and even more perfect for making breakfasts feel like Spring Break next week when they are all back in school.


And all was happy in all the land...for the mama, too.  She got to sneak out for a relaxing coffee in the afternoon sun. 

(And that coffee?  Kept me awake half the night.  Mama's getting' old.)


1 comment:

  1. I have never had chocolate waffles....I've totally been missing out. Looks great.


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