Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

Our holiday week began in such a lovely and red wine at Nick's with our good friends, laughing and sharing life stories.  I am so thankful for not only the roots which are growing deeper and deeper here in southern California, but also for the branches that have grown...branches that represent friends and family and jobs and a really pretty little backyard.

I have struggled a bit with what I am thankful for this year.  True, there are the and life and love and protection, but for the first time in my life there has been something bigger that has been brought to life.

I am thankful for forgiveness.  Thankful for 2nd (and 3rd and 4th) chances.  Thankful that while we may only have one life to live, we have a life full of 'do overs'.  

Pretty sure that is our new family get a do over, but this time, how are you gonna do it better?

This year in the food department I tried quite a few new things...PW's mashed potatoes (made a day ahead and AMAZING), these sweet potatoes (added lots more brown sugar and cinnamon and butter) and Alton Brown's method of cooking a big 'ole bird (didn't brine...just followed his cooking method and for the first time ever, didn't stuff the turkey...and probably never will again).

All in all, given the fact that from start to finish our meal lasted all of 18 minutes, I think it was a success.


I was given a mere 48 hours with all three of my offspring all together under one roof...48 short hours in which to drive them all absolutely crazy.

Good thing I'm talented at cutting to the chase.  My oldest was rolling his eyes before he even stepped in the front door.  I just keep reminding him that my mother drove me crazy, her mother drove her crazy and so on and so on.

It's. My. Duty.

Sadly, for me, he doesn't even bat an eye anymore.  Come on...what fun is that?

The day after Thanksgiving, that guy that I like so much found himself back at Nick's,  this time picking up pizza's to go.  I just couldn't face another dirty pot or pan, another stick of butter, another grease spattered stove.  

Couldn't do it.  

I am now declaring the day after every holiday a no cook day for the cook in the house.

All in favor?  


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  1. Please, someone publish this stuff...roots and branches, do over and do a future therapist, I plan to use all of these gems and nuggets. Grace is brilliant!


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