Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mama Bear

I can thank my car and the Del Taco drive-thru for supper last night...gotta love a huge bag of tacos for $10.

A boys dream when the papa is working late and the mama is tired.

I spent much of my day involved in a snarky email exchange between myself and  the commissioner of the basketball league.  I don't like snarky emails when I receive them and I don't like them even more when I send them...and I am guilty of sending them today (but only after receiving them...does that make it any better?) which gives me a stomach ache.  The low-down?  Brian is now team-less and I am a very mad mama bear.  Don't mess with mama bear.  Mama bear gets real ugly, real quick and mama bear does things she regrets when something is happening to one of her cubs.

I did remove the words 'low life' and 'scum bag' from the emails I was sending.

So there.

This instinct to protect, at all costs, reminds me of the shepherds and their sheep.  They protect every single one of their flock...even the wayward ones, foregoing time for rest until each one is huddled down safely for the night.

Us mama's...we are each the shepherd of our own flock.  But we're not doing this alone because we are still part of a bigger flock...and MY shepherd is still watching out for me.   And He let me know last night (by giving me a stomach ache and a very bad case of 'guilt-itis' when I hit 'send' on my last incredibly rude email that will now be out there for all eternity and probably caused this poor, rather rude man, loss of sleep last night) that I was a wandering sheep.

And I tossed and turned ALL NIGHT LONG.  So this morning, I got up early for my quiet time and sent off an apology for my rather rude behavior.

Within two minutes, my phone beeped in reply.


Noted?  THAT'S your reply?  How about a "thanks for your kind and thoughtful email.  All is forgiven.  And by the way, Brian is now on a team?"


I need an attitude adjustment.

And some chocolate.


  1. Hey, I need one, too (attitude adjustment) and chocolate does ssound good. So why doesn't Brian have a team?? In my case, it's part of adjusting to a big lifestyle change and time change (11 hours) and not sure what I'm going to do with all this time...hate to 'waste' any, since life is short; but tv watching doesn't inspire me. Maybe I'll check out the American Girls' School tomorrow (they've been holiday for the Eid: post-Ramadan days, somewhat like New Year's in their calendar...That guy sure wasn't worth losing sleep over! But I like your metaphor of the Good Shepherd snd glad you shared that in your blog - to bless other readers! Bless You, Friend!

  2. I'll be there can cry on my shoulder :-)


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