Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catching Up

1, 293, 482 - the number of calories in this most delicious sticky bun I had while sitting all by my lonesome at Corner Bakery the other morning.

It was worth every. single. bite.

Ane yes, I ate the whole. thing. all. by. myself.

9 to 5 - a last minute invite by a girlfriend, her mom and daughter. We sat in the orchestra section...something I never get to do because it's just not in the church worker budget, but let me say So THAT'S why people go to the theater...because they can actually see the stage!

2 months - the amount of time my not so little one gets to go without his braces. Having your jaw locked together for 16 hours a day is tough and will still continue, but they are giving him a break on the braces part.

4 - the number of bags of popcorn he has gone through so far.

43 - the number of figs on our fig tree.

21 - is my oldest REALLY 21?

4 - the roomies. Love these boys.

7 - the number of dinner parties this little house on our little street has seen in the last month.

1 - the number of nights that guy that I like so much has been off. It's getting old, but the end is in sight.

31 - the number of calls that I got in the first 30 minutes after placing an ad on craigslist for 'free piano, broken bench, must haul yourself.'

1250 - the number of calories in each protein drink this kid is consuming after each workout because he is TRYING TO GAIN WEIGHT. Is he really my kid?

3 - number of photos of my sister-in-laws back side. Not quite sure why or how... =0)
Catch me up...what are your weekend plans?


  1. Thanks for that!! Very funny!!!

  2. Our weekend was spent in Peoria for Liz's graduation. Her pinning ceremony was on Friday evening. This was sort of a graduation for the nurses with speeches, honors recognitions, and then the pinning for each of the 60 nursing graduates. Then Saturday morning was the full graduation ceremony. It went on for about 3 hours, and I think about 2 hours of that was reading the names. We then spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning helping move furniture and belongings to Liz's brand-new apartment. It's lovely, and she and her roommate are the first ones to live in it. It will be even nicer when she can pay for it herself by the end of the summer!

  3. Hi Michele - what a clever, fresh approach to a blog! Our weekend was spent in Paris actually...left on a 7:20am train, arrived around 10:30 Paris time & back to London Sunday eve. (see facebook comment) Won't be able to do that soon so we thought, why not? =)


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