Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lunch With Brian

Brian got a 'get out of school early' card due to an appointment at the orthodontist and scored lunch with mom, too.

He's a character, my 12 year old.

He talks a lot.
To everyone. Anyone.
He talks more than both his brothers combined.
I love that. Most of the time anyway.

Sometimes I send him to chat with the neighbors.

"Go talk to Sheila, " I tell him. "Run on over and say hi."

And so he does...and comes back like an hour later, ready to fill me in on everything they talked about.

(I love my neighbors.)

If you ever want to find out any kind of info, just ask Brian. He'll tell you, whether he knows the answer or not and will convince you it is the answer whether it is or not.

(we're working on that one.)


We call him our exclamation point...that if we didn't have him, we would simply be The Busch Family.

But because of him, we are The Busch Family!

See what a difference an exclamation point makes?

(dressed for school today. what can I say...he's a 3rd child.)


1 comment:

  1. Did I ever tell you that we used to offer to pay Kate to be quiet for just 5 minutes on long car trips, just so we could have a few of our own quiet thoughts? It never worked!


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