Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Night at Home

I've been missing in action in blogland lately...not enough hours in the day it seems.

The saga of the dryer ended with the removal of some non-rent paying tenants in our dryer duct.

And to think it started innocently enough...a couple of college guysfrom a budget vent cleaning company, a shop vac and a broom...and ended with animal control.

I chose to step away, but let's just say that one family of five in 1282 sq ft remains. The human family. Plus two apparently useless felines.

But the dryer works again. Whew.

The other thing keeping me busy, aside from crossing Lots and lots of jewelry. I've had more orders in the month of November than I had all of last season. Fun!

In boy news...the college boy popped home for supper, the high school boy is at the football game and the baby boy is playing a new video game.

In grown up news...the guy that I like so much is watching Men In Black and I am blogging on a computer with a broken space bar key. Both are annoying, to be honest.

In cat news, Mollie is sleeping on the chair and Maggie is sleeping on the couch.

Exciting, eh?



  1. beautiful jewelry! Don't even want any details on the dryer family. :)


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