Thursday, April 2, 2009


Daffodils.  Probably one of the happiest flowers on the face of the earth...especially when placed in a cute blue pitcher.


Yesterday, I worked.  Seems I am a working girl again, though there is something rather amazing about sitting at my kitchen table while working.  Working.  Working.  Strange word, isn't it?

Very, very strange.

OH...and I learned how to make buttons.  Click on it and it'll take you right to my site.  Pretty cool.  Pretty simple.  Pretty button.
(and who knows if it'll even work, but at this point I GIVE UP.  Uncle, she cried.  Uncle!)

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I made chick parm for supper last night and a huge pot of gravy.  Come to think of it, I made brownies, too.  Alex came home and told me he got another jaywalking ticket...I almost had a coronary.  April Fools.  He got me good.


Ate supper, drank a little wine and munched on some parmigiano reggiano.  Can't beat that.  
I grabbed coffee with a friend yesterday morning and then picked up my in laws from their cruise ship.  

They stopped long enough to drop off presents (Joanna...I have a bag for you), pick up their car and off they headed into the sunset.  Or onto the freeway.
Grandpa bought a special something for Alex.  


I have Meals on Wheels today, a few phone calls to make(the long, catching up kind that I don't want to rush) and some jewelry orders to fill.  My hope is to have most everything ready to ship tomorrow so I only have to make one drop at the post office. 

Brian has the dress rehearsal for the school talent show tonight, so supper has to be something that can be eaten in shifts...when I figure out what that is, I'll let you know.  

I miss my panini maker.  Lots.

For some reason, all I can think of are cupcakes.  Strawberry cupcakes with fluffy white frosting.

So that just might be supper.


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  1. Brian is wearing a dress again! You better get that boy checked out.


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