Friday, December 4, 2015

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

We had a rather small, rather expensive project that needed to be done - turns out when we knocked out a wall and turned a coat closet into a pantry and moved the door from the side to the front...well, shortly after (or during) we ran out of money and the inside of the pantry was never finished.

I had no problem with the rough finish...I mean, who saw it anyway besides me and a houseful of boys who don't notice a whole lot of that kind of stuff anyway.  They're only in there for the food.

But...and this is a big BUT, the back wall was just studs and the whole thing opened straight up to our attic.  

Critters live in attics and critters like food and critters who live in attics and have free access to food make for a not so good combination.  I will say, it took them a few years to catch on but once they did it became a bit of an issue.

We're not fancy people.  Our house is little and it's a bit behind the times to others, but we like it.  We have an original 1979 bathroom that I absolutely's got a pretty window with a garden view and hot water and a big mirror and we like it, which is all that matters.  Our walls have dents...all with a story attached.  The floors are scratched.  The electrical is iffy, at best.

But this pantry issue had to be taken care of, even though no one will ever truly see it because it's hidden behind this gorgeous beauty...a church window from 1910 France that a friend turned into a door for us.  This door has a story to tell...I'm sure of it.


So anyway, the men came and due to the fact that new drywall costs more than my very first car...and a boy who ended up needing hand surgery at the end of the year, we had them rough finish it and then I took over.

I was on a deadline because, well...this is what my kitchen looked like.

A little paint, a whole lotta shelving and while it's not fancy it makes me SO VERY HAPPY.  

So if you come visit, please open the pantry door and ooh and ahh.


And now, we eat beans for the rest of the month.  Well worth it.


In other news, the cast came off and a new one was put on.  Brian is healing well.  This new cast is removable so he can shower...he'll be in it for another 8-10 weeks but then should be good to go.  He still needs X-rays every two weeks to make sure it's holding...if not, he goes back into a permanent cast but so far, so good.

He's so happy to be out of that clunker of a cast but man oh man, this was a doozy of an injury. That 'little' screw (according to the Dr) is in there forever...poor kid.

I told all the boys that mama is ready to retire from this sort of stuff.


A new place opened by us...Raising Cane's.  Alex turned 22 and since Vegas was his birthday gift all he got was a lunch out, so out to lunch we went.  

Chicken fingers and a fries is all they do and it was really yummy....though a bit high in the carb department.  Worth it though!

We're a bit slow in the decorating department but the bins came down and one brother lovingly (?) barricaded another in his room.  Never a dull moment around these parts.

The shopping is pretty much done...and this year I'm thankful for Amazon.  In a big way.

I keep reading about people who don't gift but I'm not one of them.  I love Christmas and we keep Jesus is at the center of it all.  But I also love what goes along with it...the food and the people and the giving of presents.  It's all done with love and I'm telling you...I don't know one person who doesn't like to open a present that's been thoughtfully picked out for them.  And the joy I receive watching them open it?  

Worth it all.

And throw me to wolves but, gulp...I kinda like the receiving part, too.  Ok, not kinda...I DO like the receiving part too.  It's not the size or the cost but for me, it's the thought...the thought that someone picked out a gift for me to open.  

Does that make me a bad person?  If so, add it to the list.


Look at this gem.  

Ahhh...the things I'd like to tell her about life.  But I guess she figured it all out anyway.


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