Thursday, February 19, 2015

Let's Catch Up

I'm going to be honest here and say that I haven't written for a long time because the words are too hard right now.  I have lots to say but it comes out all jumbled and crazy sounding and while I have been writing every day, I've been choosing to not hit publish.

I'm processing lots of stuff right now...some of it ugly and some of it good.

Life stuff, you know?

Anyway...let's catch up on some things.

1. The weather.  SoCal rocks, people.  Chilly and foggy and drizzly mornings become warm and sunny afternoons.  

2. Household stuff is at an all time high.  Laundry never ends.  Dishes never end.  The floors are always in need of a sweep.  The cabinets are in need of a clean out.  I'm in need of a wife.

3. Wild mushroom bruschetta.  No words.  No words at all.

4. Me and him.  He and I.  He's working like a crazy person (and now it's Lent) and I've been traveling and working like a crazy person.  We had a great lunch date at Disney a few weeks back where I talked non stop until his eyes got all glassy and he just stared at me.


I'm missing him.  That's all.

5.  The champagne aisle is one of my favorites.  Just sayin'.  

6. When you haven't seen your loves in a long time and have 15 minutes to throw enough food on the table to feed 10 people, you punt.  Taco's (along with a large pot of rice to stretch it all out) to the rescue.  Win win.  No one went hungry and everyone got to make it their at Burger King.

7. Speaking of Burger King, I used to work there.  Permed hair and all.

8. I spent 5 days in Florida where I was challenged professionally and felt like a dog that's  been kicked over and over and over.  It was rough and in the end, I flew home.  We have a contract, albeit a strange and interesting one and I did a very small victory dance once I got into my (business class, amen) airplane seat.

9. Crutches.  A staple in our life.  His torn hip flexor is reinjured and he can't bear any weight on that leg for 4-6 weeks.  Poor baby.  He's so gosh darned good natured about life in general...not quite sure where he came from.


10.  Oh my.  Stop growing up, Brian.  Please.

So, that's pretty much it.  I'm working from home today and have plans for a long hike this afternoon followed by a roast chicken dinner.   The house is relatively quiet...two of my boys have had the flu and the coughing is beginning to subside.  Poor guys.

All in all though...we're good.  I'm needing to turn lots over to God to handle but my human self is holding on for dear life...not sure why I do that?  Probably because I'm human.


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