Friday, August 22, 2014

Homeward Bound

Florida has some really great things going for would be a rather incredible mexican restaurant that has a cuban spin to it.  Most nights that I was here I was too tired to go out to eat so I'd have some pretzels and call it a day...which is absolutely pathetic.

On my last day I did run into Rocco's for my very favorite quesadilla with steak, black beans and plantains in it.  It is probably one of my very favorite things I have ever eaten.  For reals.

And then Florida has some not so good things going for the fact that my family is so very, very far away.  I miss them and am ready to go home...but fear not, I am sitting at the airport right now waiting to board my flight.


Airports, by the way, are some of the best places to people watch.  Where are they going?  Who are they going to see?  Business or pleasure?  

This morning I was packed up and out of my hotel super early.  This state has the most incredible sunrises and I couldn't go home without experiencing one.  Being away, separated from those that I love and from the things that make me comfortable really help to put things into perspective.   My little world is rather little back home and to get to know people who haven't had the easiest of give them a job and a sense of purpose and a chance to get back on their feet,'s a good feeling.

And then sometimes it comes back to bite you when they don't show up or don't give a hoot and then it becomes even clearer to me.  It's not about me giving them a chance, which my big head sometimes thinks.  It's about them wanting it...wanting to give a better life a go.  It's not something that I, or anyone else, can do for them.  My work involves many who just don't have it easy...and it's hard.

But me?  I can pray.  Seems small but it's not.  It's about all of this being bigger than me.  The plans are written in stone for all these people, as are mine.  But I do pray to be used, to help.  Please.

Well, my flight for home is boarding soon.  I'm going to grab one last cubano sandwich to go since I'll be stuck in seat 3F for the next 6 hours.  Fun times.  But on the other side of that?  My houseful of boys.

Fly fast, plane.  Fly fast.


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