Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Let's See...

The slow drip, drip, drip under the kitchen sink suddenly turned into something more than a slow drip, drip, drip this afternoon.  The fancy faucet we put in a few years ago required expensive parts so we are now the owners of a brand new, much less fancy but still quite pretty, faucet.

Hello, emergency water shut off.  Hello, Home Depot.  Hello, emergency credit card.

And as I type, a visit from the emergency plumber (after 8:00pm, sigh) to come install it so that we can do simple things that involve running water...things like showering and shaving and flushing of things that really should be flushed.

So since we're already paying up the kazoo, we're having them do a whole bunch of stuff we probably should've had done a while back anyway...nuthin' anyone else would notice but stuff we notice.


Home ownership.  It ain't for sissies.

Before the major plumbing issue?  A road trip to Snooze in San Diego for a rather cozy, rather delicious breakfast...followed by a visit to the outlet mall which in hindsight I wouldn't have visited if I had known I was coming home to an after hours plumbing call.  BUT...I did score a couple of pairs of jeans, a skirt and a shirt or two and that guy that I like so much found a few sport coats on clearance at one of his favorite stores.  

Fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun.


I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that this is Holy Week and that Easter is a comin'.  I love this time of year so much...I love Lent and relish that time of renewal that it brings.  It's just such a personal time for me...I know that God is here all the time but there's something to be said for the church seasons.

I guess it just makes me sit up a little straighter and pay attention a bit more...something that I should do all the live long days but tend to get a little lazy about, even if I vow not to.

I'm loved.  I'm forgiven.  Grace is beautiful, beautiful thing.

Tomorrow is a new day.  A (hopefully) dry under the sink sort of day.  A day for laundry that didn't get done, lists that didn't get made, floors that didn't get mopped kind of day.   But first there will be pj's (once the plumber is gone...and if you are in the OC and are looking for a handyman, I found a good one!) and something fun on Netflix and a big, just for me, box of See's Bridge Mix.

I shouldn't but I'm gonna.


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