Friday, February 14, 2014

Photos On My Phone

The obligatory 'hey! that's my last name!' photo.

That moment when you tell everyone you are with that the guy in line at the grocery store is wearing a Bronco's jacket...and then you realize you are in Colorado and not California.


The baby you once held in your arms is now bigger than you are.

 Seriously...a bazillion pictures of our dog are now taken daily.

He poses for them, too...which is refreshing.  Not refreshing?  His smell.  The pup needs a bath.  Also, we decided we don't like his name and want to change it again.  Ideas?

 Chicken piccata for supper.  Flour first, then egg, then into a hot pan with olive oil.  Add white wine, lemon juice and capers and lots of salt and pepper.  Nothing more; nothing less.

A weeknight staple around these parts.

No chance of us having a snow day, but there is a cold front moving in next Tuesday.

Watching people take selfies is quite comical.

Remind me when I am doing it.

Happy, happy Friday!  It's also Valentine's Day...we're going to grill something from the animal that goes 'moo', make something chocolatey for dessert, drink ridiculously priced bubbly and catch up on all the TV shows that have taped this week.

The perfect date night.

But first?

A sick 15 year old needs a trip to the DR...he's been up most of the night with an earache.  Poor thing.


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