Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eating From The Garden

I've waited and waited and waited and WAITED for the figs on our tree to start ripening.

 And just this morning, while putzing in the backyard in my pj's...I saw that while I was away it began to happen.

You know the saying...a watched fig never ripens.  

( I just made that up, but it's true!)

It's not just the figs...the first of the tomatoes are turning red, too.

This mornings haul!

The perfect weeknight supper...salad bar.  Give everyone a big plate of baby lettuce...

...provide a few bowls of toppings plus homemade ranch dressing.

OK...homemade as in from the package.


Some bubbly and some bread...

...and voila!  Supper!

Dessert?  A hunk of goat cheese and the first of the figs, all drizzled with a little honey and a sprinkle of kosher salt.

And just to boys took one look at what was for supper and headed to KFC.  What can I say...they are carnivores and this meal just didn't cut it for them.



Matthew news:  West Virginia yesterday,  Pennsylvania today, New York tomorrow.  Kinda bummed that there are no video updates coming out this year...


  1. Words cannot express my jealousy at your glorious harvest. Everything here is crispy brown and my one pot of tomatoes that I was protecting from the blazing sun gotten eaten to the nubs overnight by nasty grasshoppers. I would totally salad bar with you!! Forget those stinkin' boys!!!

  2. It looks delicious! I need to figure out what to pack for a picnic dinner at Ravinia tonight. Last weekend we had chicken salad, cheese, tuscan bread, and carrots, with a bottle of sangria. Chicken salad does tend to be the summer picnic staple, especially if it is honey fruit nut chicken salad, which is made by the grocery store using the leftover rotisserie chicken and adding chopped apricots, walnut halves, and just a bit of celery and dressing. Of course, Potbelly's chicken salad salads are always good too. (And it always seems funny to order a chicken salad salad...a scoop of chicken salad on top of a green salad.)

    It was so hot there over the weekend (when you were seeing Sir Paul and we were at the CSO's 1812 Overture). The weather will be much cooler for Itzhak Perlman tonight. I think the high will be around 82 and the lows in the 60's. I think I'll bring a sweater AND a lap blanket!

  3. Michele, you could be the photographer for a cookbook! (well, you could probably write the recipes, too) I need to get some photo tips from you next week re: food & plants...wish it didn't take 4 yrs for figs to produce!(I'm impatient)
    I'll phone before I stop: any day better than another?


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