Wednesday, February 9, 2011


One of my favorite things about my oldest son is that he is so quick to laugh, especially when he's trying hard not to.


Last night he showed up at home all dressed up.

I asked him what was up and he wouldn't tell, though when I asked who the girl was he couldn't help but laugh.

And the harder he tried not to, the bigger his smile became.

Problem was, he brought his roommate as back-up and I could get absolutely no info out of them.

I hope they know that I will remember that and when they come for food, I might not be willing to share.

Just sayin'.

And then at 6:45am I received a text and a picture...a picture of Caesars Palace in Vegas with the message 'love you! And yes, there is a girl!'

What a brat.


Inside our little house, the youngest shrub is perking up a bit after causing me to shake in my boots for the last 36 hours. Takes a lot to freak me out but I've been a worried mama!

He actually ate a few spoonfuls of jello and his temp is down to a low 102 (hovered near 105 most of yesterday and last night)...I'm thankful the tamiflu and/or antibiotics are starting to kick in.


So far today we have watched Iron Man and Avatar and Night In The Museum.

Too bad you can't watch chick flicks with a 12 year old.


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  1. So he got married in Vegas? By an Elvis preacher?


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