Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Principal For The Day

Brian won a chance to be Principal of his school...and today was the day! Miss Bower normally handles the tough job, but today there was a new sheriff in town. He got all dressed up in his very favorite pink shirt and headed off to school. He did lots of fun things...beginning with welcoming parents to a school award ceremony. He also got to go out to lunch with Miss Bower to any place he wanted and he chose...In 'n Out. After lunch, they stopped off to buy some flowers and planted them for Open House on Thursday night. The school printed out real business cards for him...soooo cute! Next week he will go on a special field trip to the district office and will get to meet the Superintendent. He gets to ask any questions he wants....the poor woman! 

His favorite part, though, was getting to walk around and visit with all of his old teachers. He even got to read to his old 2nd grade class and hand out 'kindness' tickets to people. Brian said it's pretty easy being a Principal...think Miss Bower agrees?

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